PolarBox Update v295 [03-06-2012]

 •  Posted by PolarTeam on Jun 03 2012  • 

Hi to all.

This is our latest update for our community :

Polar Suite Update v2.9.5
Panda Suite Update v1.5.6
SAT Tool Update v1.4.2

Official website (update v295) : http://www.polarbox2.net/i-polarbox-update-v295.htm

 Samsung phones ( Qualcomm platform )

Samsung S5830M
Samsung S5838
Samsung S5839i

[+] Added READ CODES (all simlock codes)
[+] Added READ / RESET USERCODE function
Samsung E2530
Samsung S3550
Samsung S3550C
Samsung S3550L

[+] Added READ CODES (all simlock codes)
[+] Added DIRECT UNLOCK (reset simlock)
[+] Added FLASHING (at 921.600 bds)
[+] Some firmwares for E2530 added to support area
Other features added/improved :

[+] Upgraded exploits for root S5570i and similars 
[+] Fixed other minor bugs 
 Other models and features added ( MTK and Qualcomm platforms )

ZTE 551                            
ZTE Amigo                        
ZTE Base Lutea                
ZTE Libra                           
ZTE Staraddict                  
ZTE Startext                     
ZTE T3020  
Vtelca VC202 
Pantech P5000                    
Pantech P9070  

[+] Added UNLOCK (via calculation)
[+] All firmware versions supported
[+] Process totally safe and secure for phone (no damage, no risk)
 Bug fixments and improvements 

[+] Syncronized all Alcatel PROVIDERs (SecRO), now supported 18.928 (totally all)
[+] We not update +10, +100 or +1000, we simply have ALL in our database
[+] Blackberry module :  Added new MEP 2012 "MEP-11534-010"
[+] Added IMEI REPAIR for MTK Generic phones from 1 to 4 imeis (in case available)
[+] Fixed and improved other internal things (in client and server side)
Thanks in advance for your attention.
With best regards,

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